mPixel.net is a Million Dollar Pixels Grid site I setup running Million Dollar Script in order to get first-hand experience running a live site.

To use this site you first have to register for an account and login.

Once you are logged in you can order pixels.

First you will select the blocks you want to order on the grid. Next you will upload an image that appears in the area you selected.

After that you are able to fill in the details you like, including a link, some additional text and another image. This information will appear in a popup tooltip when the blocks you selected are clicked on the live grid.

This allows you to receive traffic to your site and gain exposure in a unique way.

You can download this software yourself if you like from MillionDollarScript.com as it is free and open source. I’m the current maintainer of it. if you would like you can even order an install service from me and I’ll set it all up for you. All you have to send me is your hosting account. It’s a WordPress plugin. You don’t have to have a WordPress site, all you have to have is a common hosting account that can run WordPress. You can find more information at the link above on the requirements and some recommended hosts.

Ryan Rhode